Pink: the colour of the season

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Summer is coming and pink is the colour of the season.
It’s been seen on our favourite it girls all over Europe.
The social trend of the season for clothes and accessories.
Make sure you add it to your wardrobe and beauty looks this summer.


Feb Goals

Feb goals

I know everyone writes New Years resolutions that we end up breaking in the first week of the new year. So instead I like to write goals that I’d like to try to achieve each month.

Breaking your larger resolutions into smaller goals encourages you to reach them in a more realistic way.

My Feb goals are:
1. Do at least one yoga or pilates class a week.
2. Cook more vegetarian options
3. Write a blog post at least once a week.
4. More walks around the tan
5. Improve my skin care routine- bought some new pieces from Mecca I’m excited to try.
6. Drink more water- add lemon, lime or fresh cucumber
7. Read more- loving reading Nourish magazine
8. Buy fresh flowers for my apartment
9. Get a new candle
10. Focus on meditation


What are your Feb goals?