Feb Goals

Feb goals

I know everyone writes New Years resolutions that we end up breaking in the first week of the new year. So instead I like to write goals that I’d like to try to achieve each month.

Breaking your larger resolutions into smaller goals encourages you to reach them in a more realistic way.

My Feb goals are:
1. Do at least one yoga or pilates class a week.
2. Cook more vegetarian options
3. Write a blog post at least once a week.
4. More walks around the tan
5. Improve my skin care routine- bought some new pieces from Mecca I’m excited to try.
6. Drink more water- add lemon, lime or fresh cucumber
7. Read more- loving reading Nourish magazine
8. Buy fresh flowers for my apartment
9. Get a new candle
10. Focus on meditation


What are your Feb goals?



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