Money: tips and advice

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How to save?!

This can be a difficult topic to talk about and especially in your late 20’s you don’t want to be asking for money advice, because shouldn’t you have it all under control by now?!
See below some great tips about being in control of your money and becoming financially independent.


  1. Own your own money- know what’s going on. Know where your money is going and how to make the most of it.
  2. Reset your money mindset- being more purposeful with your money. Do you get stressed and then all of a sudden you have binged on chocolate and bought 3 new tops you didn’t need on net-a-porter? Understanding what triggers your spending.
  3. Invest in yourself- you can control what you do. Find a job that makes you happy!
  4. Eliminate and avoid lifestyle debt- credit cards and personal loans should be kept to a minimum or avoided all together if possible.
  5. Don’t compare your wealth- run your own race! This one is an important one, as it can become over whelming and stressful when you are always comparing yourself to others.
  6. Spend for happiness not pleasure- don’t focus on buying something for instant gratification. Don’t buy things for that instant burst of happiness because it is only temporary, spend your money on things you really love.
  7. Divide your wage into sections. For example 20% goes to Savings like a home, a holiday to Europe, another 20% goes to small pieces like new clothes or a weekend away trip and 60% goes into the every day like bills etc. Depending on your expenses your ‘every day’ may need to be at a higher percentage.
  8. Name your different bank accounts something fun to keep you motivated.
  9. Have your money in different bank accounts or take out only the cash amount you can spend.
  10. And lastly know where your money goes, write down your spendings so you know where to cut down and help you save. If you notice you are having 2 take away coffees a day cut it back to one, bring your lunch to work etc.
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Mimco watch
Chanel lipstick in colour 140 Amoureux
2018 Planner by Rifle Paper Co.
Ring found in a little boutique in Santorini
Bastide handcream in Miel de Lavande

Photographs by me. X



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